Hospitality House of Charlotte

COVID-19 UpdatesHospitality House is Operating Without Occupancy Restrictions

Hospitality House is Operating Without Occupancy Restrictions

In accordance with NC guidelines, Hospitality House is now operating with no occupancy restrictions for our guest rooms. Guests are still asked to abide by our COVID-19 guidelines and take necessary precautions while inside the House. Guests are limited to 2 per room and we are currently unable to accept guests under the age of 18 years old. 

At this time, we are also welcoming back in-house volunteer groups to prepare meals for our guests. All in-house volunteers are required to wear masks and follow all COVID-19 guidelines. Our volunteer groups are limited to six people at a time while inside the House. All outdoor volunteer groups are limited to 10 people at a time to assist with gardening projects.

Our COVID-19 preventative measures include:

Coronavirus screenings for all staff and guests
Extensive cleaning and disinfecting of the facility
Hospital-grade air purifiers in common areas
Requirement of masks and social distancing while in all common areas

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