A message from HHOC Staff and Board of Directors:

The Hospitality House of Charlotte acknowledges and shares in the pain of what our local community and others are seeing and experiencing. The past week has made it impossible to ignore the racial unrest in the world. George Floyd’s murder was not an isolated incident. However, it was the tipping point for many living in this system fraught with overt and covert racism. We see hope in the outrage, and we are speaking out against racial injustice.

Hospitality House of Charlotte is a nonprofit that houses individuals from different backgrounds during the most stressful times in their lives. Cancer, trauma, organ failure, and other health crises do not discriminate. Our goal is to make guests feel safe, and provide a healing environment during their medical journeys. While we cannot control what goes on outside the walls of our House, we can assure our guests that they will be treated with equal amounts of empathy, respect, and compassion that all human beings deserve.

Black Lives Matter. #ItEndsNow