Noll Family

Noll Family

“Receiving a phone call that Terry, our oldest of two children, had drowned in Blowing Rock and was being airlifted to Charlotte was, by far, the most horrific day of our lives. I had 20 minutes to race to the airport to catch the only flight to Charlotte available that evening. On arrival the news was very grim. A CAT scan done in Boone prior to transport showed extensive damage due to the lack of oxygen to Terry’s brain. We were told to prepare to make a difficult decision on Tuesday. Our hearts were shattered. Terry has a beautiful family with three precious boys. We prayed it was a horrible dream.

 Through the grace of God we were blessed with an absolute miracle! On Thursday the neurologist told Terry he was a “neurological miracle”, and a week after the accident Terry was home with his family.

 We just can’t thank you all enough for the warm, caring, loving “home” you welcomed us to upon our arrival. Hospitality House was wonderful.”

-The Noll Family


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