The Kinzie Family

The Kinzie Family

Harvey has Stage 4 Lung Cancer. He had it in his Left lung one year ago and they gave him 6 months to a year to live. He was treated at in Florida and sent to Levine Cancer in Shelby, NC.  They got it in remission, but one year later it showed up in his right lung. The doctor in Shelby sent him to Levine Cancer Institute here in Charlotte for radiation.

We were going to have to sleep in our pickup truck, but the LCI staff arranged for us to stay here at Hospitality House of Charlotte. If it wasn’t for the meals volunteers provided we would have only eaten bread and peanut butter. We are living on Social Security. We appreciate Hospitality House of Charlotte so much. We stayed 8 days and met lots of new friends. This is the most relaxing and healing place we have ever seen.


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