Annual Fall Luncheon

Hospitality House of Charlotte is not just any house in the Dilworth neighborhood. It is more than just a home-away-from-home for patients and families seeking medical treatments at Charlotte-area hospitals. In the simplest terms, our House provides light amid the darkness.

Lately we have all become familiar with the feeling of navigating through darkness, unsure what lies ahead. Unfortunately, for families facing cancers, organ transplants, cardiac diseases, and traumatic injuries, that feeling is not new.

Despite the pandemic, these illnesses and injuries have not stopped. But neither has the care and support we provide for patients and their family members.

For 35 years, we have stood as a light, guiding these families along their medical journeys and through whatever fears and uncertainties might accompany them. Our mission revolves around the fact that when life is most uncertain, even a small sense of normalcy can make all the difference. Whether it is a comforting place to stay, encouraging words from our staff, or a meal provided by our volunteers, we aim to make our House feel like a welcoming beacon of light, no matter how far guests are from their home.

Without the support of our donors, we would not be able to continue being an unwavering bearer of light for those experiencing a medical crisis. Won’t you please help us continue to shine?

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