Virtual Luncheon 2021

This year’s Luncheon raised over $68,000!


Thank you to everyone who joined us for this inspiring event.


There is still time to watch our full Luncheon program and donate to help us reach our goal of $100,000. Each donation creates community for patients connecting to vital medical care.

Each year, our Luncheon brings the community together and provides for our guests in a special way. The past year has been particularly difficult on the patients and caregivers we serve who have been navigating serious illnesses and injuries throughout the pandemic. Now that people are beginning to reconnect with one another, the threat of the pandemic remains a reality for the many we serve with compromised immune systems. This year’s Luncheon focused on our resilient community and our reliance on one another, as we work to rebuild our “next normal.” 

Help us Reach our Goal

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