Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving

Give a donation that lives on

Beverly Whitten looks back fondly on her time spent at Hospitality House and has never forgotten it. She was referred there while her husband, Jim, received treatment prior to being released to hospice. Beverly was warmly welcomed and felt at ease during her stay.

As she checked out of Hospitality House, Beverly donated her remaining guest room balance to pay it forward for incoming guests. She and Jim returned to their home in Greenville, SC, where he passed a few months later.

Beverly’s experience with the House inspired her to leave a legacy that would impact not only guests in the near future but also guests to come. Beverly became a Legacy Donor by working with her lawyer to restructure her will using a scheduled payout option to preferred organizations. The process took less than a week and “gives [organizations] something to count on moving forward,” Beverly said.

At Hospitality House of Charlotte, we realize that estate planning is a sensitive topic deserving careful consideration. Legacy giving makes a lasting impact on lasting issues such as medical crises. Building a legacy is attainable for anyone; talk to your trusted financial or legal professional today.

Leave a ripple effect that funds the future of Hospitality House. Contact Angie Bush at the House to learn more about legacy giving.

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