Group Opportunities

Group Opportunities
  • Organize/prepare a meal for our guests
  • Gather items from our wish list
  • Goodie Bags
    • Individuals and groups can prepare bags at HHOC or off-site and deliver them to our property. Great way to get kids involved and something fun they can do.
  • Host a fundraising event or drive at an off-site location
    • This is a great way to get to get kids involved, schools or corporate organizations without a time commitment.
  • Cleaning
    • We are able to host groups smaller than 12 members a few times a month to help us give the House a nice deep cleaning. Volunteers must be able to perform manual cleaning AND possess the ability to lift 15-20 lbs. If this sounds like a good fit for your group and to find out more about this opportunity please contact Bryn.
  • Landscaping (seasonal-As Needed)
    • Individuals and groups smaller than 12 members interested in landscaping? contact Bryn.

For more information on Group Volunteer activities, please contact Bryn Heinicke at (704) 376-0060 X 202 or Thanks!

Prepare a meal Our wish list

Group Volunteer FAQ’s

Thank you for your commitment to the Hospitality House of Charlotte and our guests. Please see the FAQs below for answers to common questions.

Q: How many guests should I prepare a meal or goodie bags for?

A: We ask that you prepare enough food or goodie bags to accommodate 30-35 guests at a time.  Leftovers are always appreciated as well!

Q: How big can my volunteer group be?

A: We ask for groups no larger than 12 individuals due to the size limitations of our house.

Q: Can children volunteer at HHOC?

A: Yes, individuals under age 18 can volunteer at HHOC as long as they are volunteering in a group setting with an accompanying adult.  If you have a group made up primarily of children, please contact Bryn Heinicke (704-376-0060 x 202) for approval prior to your group’s volunteer date.

Q: Where do I park when I come to volunteer?

A: Volunteers can park on the street along Kenilworth Avenue, in the gravel lot located at 1412 Scott Avenue, or on Pierce Street.

Q: Where do volunteers go when they arrive?

A: Volunteers can report to the Front Desk via the front entrance of the house (facing Scott Ave).

Q: Will my group learn more about HHOC and their mission?

A: Yes, a staff member or volunteer on duty during your visit will give you a tour, a brief description of our mission, and answer any questions that your group has.

Q: Are we allowed to bring alcohol during a volunteer event?

A: No, HHOC is an alcohol free facility. If a recipe that you are making requires a small amount of alcohol (for cooking) please contact Bryn Heinicke (704-376-0060 x 202) for approval prior to your group’s volunteer date.

Q: Is there any paperwork I need to complete before arriving to volunteer with my group?

A: No, we just ask that you sign up on our Group Calendar so we know when to expect you and your group. Upon you arrival to the Hospitality House we will have a group sign-in sheet available for your group that will need to be completed before your group’s departure.

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