What is it?

For the past five years, HHOC’s peer-to-peer campaign, 1400 for 1400 Scott, has acted as one of our two major annual fundraisers. Peer-to-peer fundraising is any fundraising effort that relies on peers reaching out to each other on behalf of a cause.

The event will kick off on February 1 when approximately 50 individuals or teams will be asked to raise a minimum of $1,400 as a nod to our House’s street address while competing to win the top fundraiser prize.


how does it work?

Participants raise funds on behalf of Hospitality House by reaching out to their social networks (think Facebook friends, your realtor, family members, or workout buddies!) to simply share how Hospitality House of Charlotte is changing lives of patients in caregivers seeking care in Charlotte’s medical community.

You don’t do it alone!  Along with 50 fellow participants, we are here to support you! We provide everything you need from email templates, fundraising tips and guides, social media graphics for you to easily share your campaign page.

This type of campaign rallies communities, builds new networks of donors, and increases the visibility of the need for what Hospitality House provides to patients and caregivers. 

    When is it?

    December 10th – January 10th: Pre-Registration

    Registration officially opens on Monday, January 11th. On that day, all pre-registrants will receive their online toolkit and welcome letter!

    January 11th – February 1st: Strategize and Official Registration (OPEN NOW)

    Once you register, you will create your plan of action! Read through your online toolkit and start thinking about the people you know who want to learn more about Hospitality House! Gather emails, phone numbers, and make sure your social media follower are aware that you’re planning to #RallyForTheHouse.

    Your campaign page will be open to receive any donations during this time, although we will not officially “kick off” until February 1st. The earlier you register, the more time you have to meet your goal!

    February 1st – February 26th: THE CHALLENGE

    The challenge is on! Follow our lead as we spend the month sharing stories, spreading our mission, and inspiring those to give back to the patients and caregivers we serve at Hospitality House of Charlotte.

    The challenge will end with a virtual celebration where we will #RallyForTheTally on February 26th at 3pm. including testimonials from past HHOC guests, an award ceremony, and more! Participants will have until then to meet their goal! 

    Who can participate?

    Anyone! 1400 for 1400 Scott is a community challenge inviting individuals, businesses, and corporations to support the mission and guests of Hospitality House of Charlotte.

    Form a team or compete individually – top individual participants, corporate teams, and friends/family teams will be awarded at the conclusion of the campaign! To register a team, please contact us.










    Contact our Development Team


    “When patients are dealing with conditions such as cancer, transplant, and trauma, the last thing they and their loved ones should be concerned about is a comfortable place to rest their heads. HHOC provides that and more for these patients and families at an affordable rate, so they can devote all their focus on healing, and that’s a purpose I support!”
    Matt Kersten, 2020 Participant

    Director, Transplant Business Strategy and Regulatory Operations, Atrium Health

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